For partners

Dear partners!

Espanglish - is a young and dynamic company specializing in Educational progams for Adults and Young Learners abroad. During our existence, more than 600 students received student visas (both short and long-term) and went to language courses and holidays in Europe, UK and USA. We offer more than 1706 educational programs, courses in 8 foreign languages in 212 schools and 292 international camps around the world. Our partners are located in 32 countries, in 215 cities. And we would be happy to extend our destinations. We have visited in person most of language centers and schools in Europe because we have to make sure that our offers are of high quality.

If you are representing an educational accredited center abroad, such as:

  • Language school;
  • International camp;
  • Secondary school;
  • College;
  • University

We would be happy to become your official representative on the territory of the Russian Federation and CIS countries. We will include the description of your educational center to our catalogue and will promote through our programs.

It’s easy to work with Espanglish because we:

  • Do all the job consulting students from the first day until their arrival to home. You don’t need to answer numerous questions, you just receive a client ready to book and pay for the program.
  • Help our students to get their visas.
  • Provide them information support during the whole process.
  • Are accurate, organized and responsible.

Marketing strategy of Espanglish

  • Promotion in schools and Universities;
  • A network of sub-agents in many cities in Russia and CIS countries;
  • Educational workshops and exhibitions;
  • Promotion in the internet (web-site, social networks).

We are really looking forward to our mutual and fruitful cooperation!

Contact information


tel: +7 (495) 480 68 34